One Night In June

One Night In June

One night in june

He is more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same
— Emily Bronte

Ginger Meek Allen is not only one of the most talented metalsmith's around, she became a friend through our design process. Her love goes into every single piece she creates, and I couldn't be happier! We have an amazing ring, but now, we also have an incredible friend.

From Ninth & Everett's Cofounder, Josiah Loyarr:

"I had the pleasure of meeting Ginger Meek Allen through a friend of mine in the custom jewelry world. From our FIRST phone call, I knew that I wanted Ginger to create the ring I had envisioned for Blake, my now husband.

Before Ginger even heard my ideas for a ring, she asked me about our story... What I loved about Blake, where we met, important numbers, symbolic colors, anything and everything. She learns the story of each of her clients so that she can incorporate as many details as possible into their custom piece. I quickly learned that this was the first phase of her 4 step process of completing a custom piece for a client.

1. The Idea Phase

Ginger worked with me via skype and phone to hear our story, and to get the proper measurements, budget, etc from me regarding the custom piece.

2. The Design Phase

After sharing with her my ideas for the ring, Ginger created several different sketches for me to look over! This was my favorite part! During this phase, she also gave me access to process pictures so that I could see what was happening every step of the way. I checked my email every hour....  

I contacted Ginger during this phase with a CRAZY idea that I came up with. Because we no longer lived in Portland, I wanted to somehow incorporate that city into his ring. So I called up a close friend who drove to the street corner that we met on, and dug up some dirt. She then shipped the dirt to Ginger in North Carolina for her to incorporate that dirt into the overall ring design.

3. Benchwork Phase

Once I selected which design I wanted to move forward with, my metal, and my stones, Ginger began the work on the beautiful piece of art that blake now wears. ginger hammered the dirt from Portland into Blake's ring, so that the ground that we met on, would always be a part of his engagement band. 

4. Fulfillment Phase

THIS WAS THE MOMENT I HAD BEEN WAITING FOR! The ring was photographed, packaged beautifully, and shipped to me in Nashville. Weeks after receiving the ring, I asked the question, and he said yes. 

Below you will find process pictures of Blake's ring. We have also included several other designs that ginger has designed for other clients around the world.